Kids' Cooking Promotes...

  • Healthy eating & Healthy choices
  • Self esteem
  • Pride
  • Creativity & sociability
  • Team building
  • Skills to be SHARED FOR LIFE!!

How it happens: through hands-on experiences in the kitchen.

When it happens: the earlier the better, children as young as 2 -3 years can learn to crack an egg and mix up a recipe. Too often, it doesn’t happen because we are all so time-crunched. One-on-one time in the kitchen is a precious gift

Where it happens: home is the best place, however, some of us just can’t do it all - work, run a home and teach our kids, too. This is where an entertaining, fun activity can also be a learning experience — let us have some fun with your kids, or maybe you would like to join us?

Our focus is on seasonal, local, real food. Teaching children recipes that they can confidently make at home is our goal.

“My wish for everyone is to help create, a strong sustainable movement, to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again” ~Jamie Oliver

Come on, get your hands dirty… my kitchn or yours?

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